Children Learn what they Live.

We are raising adults. What character traits would you like your children to exhibit when they are adults? pause and list them before reading further.



Let me guess: loving, kind, honesty, responsibility, generosity, patience, self control, industriousness (hardworking), fortitude (grit or resilience) to name a few.

Well children learn what they live. If they see parents and caregivers exhibiting little or no self control (temperance) indulging in no end of food, drink, leisure, material things, why should they not do the same? If they grow up with gossip, complaining and negativity why should they be positive, holding their tongue and tolerant? If we complain about having to work, seek to escape work or do the bare minimum, express disdain for chores and loosely manage our affairs then who can blame them when they are older and are slow to find work and be productive and be responsible to manage their affairs? If we are stingy and not generous to hep others and share our surplus things with those in need then more than likely they will also be stingy.

Note well I say more than likely. There are many people who notice their parents undesirable traits and consciously decide to be the opposite. It takes enormous determination, will and effort to reprogram our subconscious but it can be done.

All actions and feelings we sense and see from in eutero (in our mother’s womb) and throughout our upbringing are recorded in our subconscious mind. It is our programming or our operating system.

We are often not aware of what is driving our behaviour but that is it. All that we witnessed when growing up, as well as HOW we interpreted it at the time.

So if we want to raise the chances of raising responsible, hardworking, honest, loving adults lets demonstrate those qualities ourselves. It’s Time for mindfulness and self examination and transformation where necessary. Upgrade your operating system. Inner growth…..our journey gets exciting and we find greater fulfilment as we improve.

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