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Besides subscribing to the Love and Logic approach to parenting and school discipline, I deeply appreciate and promote the Positive Discipline philosophy and style.
I offer personal parenting coaching and consulting, in person or via Skype.
I am available to conduct workshops, round table discussions and classes in schools, businesses, homes, churches or other institutions in Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean.
My most popular areas of counseling are :
  • Understanding what drives behaviour, misbehaviour or anti-social behaviour.
  • Positive discipline that minimizes lectures, threats and traditional punishment, thus fostering healthier, more trusting relationships.
  • Communication techniques to gain cooperation, instead of power struggles, tantrums, whining, nagging and arguing.
  • Communication approaches that help parents motivate children and teach them respect and responsibility.
  • Setting, and abiding by, limits
  • Coping with sibling rivalry, homework battles, and getting children of any age to do chores.
  • Coping with spouses who have different parenting styles.
  • Coping with children with special needs.
  • Understanding and managing depression, post natal depression, PTSD, co- dependency.
  • Self care and healing.
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